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How Much Is My Claim Worth?
If the claims are successful you will receive back pay for the work that you have been underpaid for. This will be based on the number of hours that you worked in the six year period before your claim was started at the employment tribunal (if you have worked for Asda for this long). Compensation will be calculated on the difference between your hourly pay rate and the comparator in the distribution centre’s hourly pay rate. 
We cannot tell you at this time who your comparator might be as this is to be established by the courts. On that basis we cannot give you an idea of what your claim will be worth.
You will also be able to claim interest on any back pay.
Asda would also have to make sure unequal pay did not continue into the future. If you continue to work for Asda, the longer the claim continues, the more back pay you will be able to claim.

 Last updated Sat, 25 Mar 2017 12:08pm

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