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Letter from Tim Roache - General Secretary

GMB is aware of equal value litigation for 10,000 workers in ASDA that has been brought by the law firm Leigh Day. That litigation (the lead litigation) is likely to be long and complex and it is estimated that the process could continue for another five years, with the likelihood of success difficult to quantify.

Simply put, we think the claims are likely to succeed but ASDA deny the claims are valid and they intend to defend the litigation strongly.
In 2014 we wrote to all our ASDA members advising about the equal pay litigation and some members contacted Leigh Day directly then.
Until now, we have wished to avoid the legal process and find a solution around pay through negotiation and that remains our preferred option.

However, we have not been able to resolve through this method to date.

In order to protect any claims our members may have, we ask that you contact your in-store reps or officer to enquire. GMB will be organising meetings around the country to discuss this and we would urge you to attend to find out about your potential claim.

All GMB members who may have equal pay or value claims will then be encouraged to contact the GMB ASDA equal pay line on 0800 689 3289 to assess whether they have a claim.

If our lawyers decide that you have a valid claim, they will issue and stay the proceedings behind the main Leigh Day lead litigation in order to protect your position.

GMB will fund your claim, so that you will get 100% of your compensation, in the event that the lead claims are successful.
So, to be clear, if the Leigh Day lead claims are successful, then our members’ claims will succeed under that judgement. If however, the lead claims are not successful, then we will not be able to take your case any further.

Please note that anyone putting in a new claim will not need to attend any court hearings.

If you do not bring a claim, you will not be entitled to compensation, even if Leigh Day win their main case, so please ensure you register a claim if you wish to do so.

Our lawyers will keep all claiming members informed about relevant progress in the lead litigation and the impact it may have on your claim.
If you have any questions, please talk to your reps and attend the meetings being held to discuss equal pay and how GMB can help you.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Roache
General Secretary, GMB

 Last updated Sat, 25 Mar 2017 12:08pm

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